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About us

Go-Up is a design, technology and consulting company. We combine expertise in Employee Experience, Tech Development, and Human Capital Management to support the transformation of your business towards digitalization, greater performance, employee engagement and staff turnover reduction.


Mistake #1 - Focusing on Measures, not Transformations

Although many industry leaders have been investing a lot in improving employee engagement, there has been no significant improvement over the past decade. A 2017 Gallup report states that we are currently undergoing a "worldwide employee engagement crisis.”



One key problem lies in how companies approach engagement. Instead of focusing on changing core business practices through the lens of the employee, they focus on mechanical habits, such as surveys, and short-term perks and fixes - such as free lunch or annual team events. This is not enough.


Mistake # 2 - Putting Technology first, not Your People

Companies that invest in new technologies devote significant resources and time to implement them. Yet many are not able to rip their full benefits and value. 


A typical mistake is to rush technology rollout without considering the end-user experience. User adoption is often disappointing and the cost of such mistakes can be truly staggering.

We Guide You to Get Results 

Employee Experience Design:

Training, Workshops, Consultancy

We help your organization redesign the employee experience it offers at work.


Our workshops, training and consultancy work leverage a set of tools, techniques, and strategies to support you in designing and creating a meaningful employee experience throughout your transformation journey - optimizing the quality of the employee lifecycle, technology implementation, organizational and cultural changes or an M&A process.

Employee Experience Product Suite

Using our proprietary Employee Experience toolkit and engagement pulse, we help your organization measure experiences at every touchpoint of the employee lifecycle, as well as the engagement level of your people.

Employee Experience Toolkit

A simple tool for HR professionals and leaders to measure every aspects of the Employee Experience.

Engagement Pulse

A lightweight weekly pulse survey to measure and improve Employee Engagement. We provide live dashboards and tailor-made expert recommendations.

People Management and Business Consultancy

We partner with prominent consultants from diverse fields around the globe to further support your business, From experts in change management, HR strategies, employee engagement, compensation & benefits, industry leaders to technology leaders, we got them in our Consultant Network.

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