We deliver advice, coaching, training, and workshops focused on Employee Experience Design to help improve employee performance, engagement, retention as well as digitalize the HR function and your organization at large.

Design the Optimal Employee Experience for Your Organization

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An optimal employee experience not only attracts and retains talents in a competitive market, but it also supports the effective delivery of organizational performance. The experience you provide to employees has a direct impact on how well they contribute and deliver in the organization.

A company offering a good employee experience enjoys powerful benefits


higher average profits


higher average revenues


less turnover


smaller headcount

Source: Jacob Morgan, March 8, 2017, shrm.org

What is employee experience?

Employee experience is not the same as employee engagement. It is the sum of all interactions an employee has with his or her employer.

Here are three critical perspectives on what the "employee experience" means: 

A overall set of employee perceptions across time and touch points

A collection of environmental factors: cultural, physical, and technological

A broadening of traditional HR functions that recognizes the correlation between employee engagement and customer experience

How to Design and Build a Better Employee Experience?


Understand every touchpoint of the employee lifecycle

To start with, evaluating your employee experience requires an understanding of the entire employee lifecycle - from how your employees found their job opening in the first place, then got onboard, until they leave your organization and how they remember it.


That is the reason why we built the simple Employee Experience Audit Tool to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your employee experience.



With this tool, you can support your HR function to optimize all of the employee touch points, helping you deliver a much-improved experience to your people - and real value to your business.


Transform HR to be laser focused and responsive

After getting a general picture of where your stand, we encourage you to deep-dive with a laser focus on specific aspects of the employee experience. We leverage methods of "design thinking" to carve out solutions to your problems, keeping them simple and agile. We rely on human-centered, hypothesis-driven, holistic, and collaborative approaches.


The mapping starts with understanding specific dimensions of the employee experience. You may select the particular stages of the employee lifecycle that you want to assess. Our consultants will work with you to capture situations, expectation, feelings, and issues. We look beyond just work processes to include the influence of culture, people, and technology.

We also help you build your problem-solving capacities in the long run. Most projects will include coaching and training so the organization can continuously improve and evolve after our support.


Simplify and standardize

We help HR to simplify and standardize processes, removing unnecessary steps.


We also automate fundamental HR processes and provide self-service portals for employees to access anytime, anywhere.


Change and adoption

Implementing change and adopting new technologies or processes come with challenges. Our organizational and transformational experts will help you manage the human side of things, which is always the most crucial to achieving success.


We leverage evidence-based insights to determine how, where, when and whom with to interact and provide support within your organization. 


Track, adjust and repeat

Building the optimal employee experience is not a one-time initiative. It is important to continually track behaviors, mindsets, and problems faced by your workforce and how these evolve as you address them.

Use our Employee Experience Audit tool to measure and monitor these changes. Combine it with your organizational performance data so you can track the business impact. You may need adjustments along the way, so be ready to evolve continuously.