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Go-Up Engagement Platform is a light & fun engagement pulse surveys with a unique scientifically backed engagement model, live dashboard and expert recommendations

Get Direction Forward, not Just Insights

Pulse Survey + Live Dashboard + Expert Recommendations

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Fun and engaging surveys

Collect engagement data using 1min weekly survey with fun animated GIFs

Opportunity to voice out

Get the meaning behind the data by capturing rich and relevant qualitative feedback


Live dashboard for real-time insights

Explore and understand your team's engagement results in real-time

Deep dive analysis

Segment your employees in any way you need. Our flexible enterprise structure allows you to get smart insights on specific groups and populations


Custom made reports and recommendations

Get direction, not just insights. Our organization experts deliver tailored analysis and recommendations fitting your unique situation and needs.

Engagement expert
Industry expert
Organization expert

Comprehensive Engagement Model

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Data Collection System for non-office workers, with light daily surveys that capture your workforce experience at work