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Our Employee Experience Audit Platform combines multiple sets of experience measurement designed to capture the various touch points of the employee lifecycle: from the pre-employment phase to the onboarding effectiveness, performance reviews and more, up until employee exit your company.


Our Platform relies on a simple scoring system that HR Professionals, Leaders, and Consultants can use to measure the performance of each dimension of employee experience before designing and carrying out targeted improvement plans to deliver business value.

Understand and Measure your Employee Experience Easily and Thoroughly

Introducing the Employee Experience Audit platform, the first tool ever to help you measure systematically the health of the entire Employee Experience offered by your organization.

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There are nine stages of the employee journey - offering a range of employee experience touchpoints for you to select and measure.


Survey setup

Input your targeted audience's emails, survey start date, and custom message to explain the intentions of the survey process.


Add to our system the organization and group structures to allow you to dig into your data and capture evolutions over time.



Automatically send the survey at the scheduled date to your target audience and collect responses.


Get notified when the experience score and report are ready.


Take action

Discover the touchpoints that need improvement and act on them to improve your employees' productivity and business results.


Track and improve

Track the progress of the employee experience and be ready to adjust your approaches to enhance it along the way.

Our Experience Experience Consultants are ready to assist you to design and optimize specific aspects of your employee experience that you would like to improve. We use design thinking to craft new solutions to long standing problems, keeping it simple and agile - using human-centered, hypothesis-driven, holistic, and collaborative approaches.

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