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EX Series 1: Beyond Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Employee Experience Design
Employees being involved in the experience deisgn

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. - by Aristotle

It is no longer about employee satisfaction or employee engagement. Your talent attraction and retention strategy in an age of technological disruption and artificial intelligence are all about the overall employee experience.

Business leaders must recognize that employee experience comes before customer experience and it has a massive impact on the success of their company.

However, how many business leaders truly acknowledge and believe that employee experience is the driving force behind delivering excellent customer experience?

It was around the early 2000s when employers were using employee satisfaction to craft an effective people strategy. At around 2010, the focus shifted to employee engagement for organizational success. But now, business leaders are starting to get clarity that satisfaction and engagement are just smaller components of what their workforce cares about.

The true differentiator of a great future place to work is one based on employee experience.

So, what is employee experience? The employee experience is the sum of all experiences an employee expects their employer to have throughout their entire employee lifecycle – from finding the job with the company to remembering the company after parting ways.

Employee experience is influenced by three things (stay tuned for continuing series):

1. The availability of tools and technologies an employer provides

2. A comfortable physical workplace in which an employee works

3. The celebrated culture that binds an organization together

How then can organization benefits from employee experience?

Improving the Employee Experience

When business leaders see employee experience in the same light as customer experience is half the battle. Businesses invest huge amount of money and resources in market research and customer satisfaction surveys to understand the hot buttons of their customers.

They need to know the customers goals, expectations, pain points, wants and processes as they recognize these factors impact customers’ perception of their interactions with the organization – all translating to customer experience. To maintain a long-term relationship, businesses must ensure to provide a consistent positive customer experience; as a less than stellar customer experience results in high attrition.

Now, the fact is, employees come before customers i.e. employees are the first customers of the organizations. It then become clear and imperative that organizations must shift their focus from evaluating customer experience to employee experience. The time, budget and resources spend in improving the employee experience should be a priority and much more than enhancing customer experience.

Like the notion “human in human resources”, hence employee in employee experience is important. Organizations need input from the employees, just like how you would collect input from your customers about your products or services to make informed decisions.

Never assume the wants or needs of your employees. Actively seek inputs from them on areas which ultimately lead to organization success. From types of resources, technologies, processes to work spaces, make sure you have them all for the employees.

Only when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth then your organization can design gap-closing programs to enhance the employee experience. Only the employees themselves knows what they need to be successful, personally and for the organization.

Involving employees in every stages of the decision-making process not only helps create a sense of ownership, improve buy-in but also reduce plans failure. When employees know that their voices are being heard and act upon, repeatedly putting in that extra mile for organization success becomes a well-entrenched habit.

Post created by Jane Lee - Senior Consultant at Go-Up.Work

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