1. Please provide at least 1 review to your peers, supervisors and/or subordinate

  2. 25 to 40 questions per review, takes 10 to 20 min to finish

  3. Mobile responsive, review everywhere

  4. Review is anonymous

  5. Assessment starts from 15th Feb until 15th July 2019

Hi Tata Young,

We are currently doing the competency leadership assessment and we need your help to provide feedback about your peers, supervisor or subordinate. Your review will be fully confidential and your feedback will be very useful to support and build BINUS Group for the future.

You can review more than one person. There are going to be 25 to 40 questions to review one person, so take your time and you can come back here at anytime to review other people.

Please select the person below to assess:

Windswept Hair

Tata Young

Your Supervisors

Michael Edison


Your Peers
Your Subordinates
Your 2nd Subordinates

Connor Powel


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