Go-Up Workforce Platform is a Data Collection System for non-office workers. A light and engaging surveys that capture your workforce experience, offer live dashboards and expert recommendations.

Now You Can Tap Into Your Workforce Data

Daily Survey + Live Dashboard + Expert Recommendation

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Follow the heartbeat of your semi-skilled workers in real time.

To improve productivity and reduce turnover of your semi-skilled workers, you need to tap into your untapped workforce data. Go-Up Workforce Platform allows you to capture your workforce data without adding any layer to your business process by integrating the platform with the daily routine of attendance tracking.


Simple and powerful 1 question per day

Get smart data about your people each time they clock-in their daily attendance

Access your hard-to-reach onsite workers

Leverage SMS technology to collect data about your workforce in remote locations without internet connection


Live dashboards for real-time insights

Understand what is going on with your workforce in real-time

Ask specific questions for specific population

Create custom questions to understand deeper any issue for specific population in your workforce

Deep dive analysis

Segment the results in any way you need to get the right insights about your workforce


Expert report and recommendations tailored to you

Get clear directions, not just data. Our experts deliver tailored analysis and recommendations

Engagement expert
Industry expert
Organization expert

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