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The world of semi-skilled workers is changing - across Industries

Collecting attendance data is no longer enough to know what's going on with your semi-skilled workers You need to know far more about what your people feel, think and experience - to recruit, engage and retain them better. We combine organizational expertise, breakthrough technology, and human-centered design - to capture the data and generate the ideas you need. Show that you listen, signal that you care and think through problems afresh. And do not think that means you have to make good on every request.  


Controlling turnover, maintaining quality: the core challenges of any people intensive industry

Semi-skilled and blue-collar workforces are typically facing high turnover and quality issues. The cost can be huge. They include training costs, the time spent by managers to recruit and onboard people, the time to wait for full productivity. They also include the loss of experience, the loss of technical skills and the loss of relationships knowledge. Not to mention the impact of the very growth potential of your company.


Understanding large semi-skilled workforces is challenging

Semi-skilled and blue-collar workers raise specific challenges when it comes to understanding them.


Sensitive to hierarchy, these workers often do not find it easy to raise their concerns. They also do not always have smartphones. Moreover, in high turnover environments, the annual survey is not in tune with the business rhythm. We provide comprehensive solutions that cut through these problems - from interviews, focus groups, employee journey mapping all the way up to innovative technological solutions for data collection, developed in-house by Go-Up.

Our Process


Listening to your workers

We pick together the best qualitative and quantitative data collection process - on-site fieldwork, focus groups but also surveys using QR code, SMS, Finger Scans, Facial Recognition, etc. In complex cases, we lead Design Sprints to find the best solution for your specific environment.


Understanding your workers

We leverage our turnover reduction expertise and experience, combined with custom models and question processes, live dashboards and tailored recommendations to address your core turnover factors.


We take action with you - optimizing your pre-employment processes

We help you improve your recruitment process, recruit the right people (with optimized selection criteria), as well as identify the right personality traits to reduce turnover. We also help you recruit the right way through the deployment of "realistic job previews" as well as "competency-based interviews".

We optimise your post-employment retention processes

We support in every step of your engagement journey with tailored consulting, training and facilitation with our team and first-grade partners

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